‘Outwitters’ Maneuvers Its Way On To The App Store

Three Armies

There are few good options on the App Store for strategy fans to get their fix on iOS. Aside from the sea of tower defense games, the iOS is practically bereft of anything fitting the genre. A serious competitor is stepping up to the plate, however, bringing the hopeful a game they should enjoy. The competitor is Tilt-to-Live developer, One Man Left, and the game is called Outwitters.

Like a game of chess, Outwitters sets up to four players at opposite sides of a level grid with the sole objective of conquering the opposing side. Three armies will be available for players to choose from, each fitting a different mold, similar to the way many RTS games have different nations one may play as. From there, the player will have to decide which way is the best way to make the most out of their units. Each unit will have another unit it is best at countering, so close attention to what your opponent is up to could be the difference between victory and defeat. One Man Left have said that there will be three different factions available to choose from in the long run, however only one will be available at the time of the game’s launch. The game’s AI won’t be your only opponent, as players will be able to pit themselves against one another asynchronously if they’re looking for a real head-to-head experience.

Outwitters will maneuver its way onto the App Store this Thursday, July 5th, for all iOS devices.

For more information on this and other One Man Left projects, check out their official website.


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