Pastagames Behind iOS Hit ‘Rayman Jungle Run’

Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman’s resurgence has been a big story in the gaming world of late and now an indie darling is behind the next big event in the quirky characters’ colourful career.

You may remember a similarly inspired side-scroller named Pix’n Love Rush, which combined retro visuals and charm with cunning use of platforming to create a unique iOS hit. That title was created by French developers Pastagames, who’s success obviously caught the eye of fellow French favourites Ubisoft in the process, who have since handed Pastagames the keys to the much beloved Rayman franchise for this mobile adventure, titled Rayman Jungle Run.

You can instantly see a similarity in style between Pix’n Love Rush and Rayman Jungle Run, besides being 2D side scrollers. In both, it’s all about timing as you jump at the right time to collect items and increase your score, all while avoiding enemies and traps. The difference in Rayman, however, is that the title character runs forward automatically, which leaves you with the job of jumping, gliding or punching. Think of it as a streamlined version of the console experience.

It’s all lovingly built upon the same visual and audio style that was present in Ubisoft’s smash hit Rayman Origins, along with various enemy types and play styles that were present in Origins. Each level, of which there are 40, increases the difficulty and has collectibles to unlock depending on how well you do in collecting all the lumes (Rayman’s equivalent to Mario’s coins) that are in your path, with wallpapers and hidden surprises along the way. Clearly, working on the UbiArt Framework was right down Pastagames ally.

Though it’s not the complete Rayman Origins games on iOS, Rayman Jungle Run is a neat spin-off that’s getting plenty of worthy attention for the French team. If you get a chance, you can find it on the App Store right now and keep up to date with any updates via Pastagames’ official twitter feed, including news on the soon to be released Android version. Meanwhile, if you missed it, why not try out Pix’n Love Rush too!

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