Pastures New: ‘Terraria’ Is Coming To Android

Terraria Android
Terraria Android

Terraria has quite the large following on the PC but can it replicate that success as a mobile game? We’ll be able to assess that soon enough as solo developer, Brad Gearon, is bringing it over to Android. However, he still needs to receive permission from the game publishers.

Due to the low graphic specs of Terraria, the port seems to pretty much match the PC version perfectly. On inspection, the only slight concern is the game’s interface which looks pretty small but hopefully should be manageable with a bit of care, otherwise this is looking dandy.

For those who don’t know what Terraria is, it’s best to imagine it as a sidescrolling version of Minecraft, except there’s enough unique features to it so that it avoids the label “clone”. Players can dig down into the earth, craft new items and find new ones the further they venture down and many people build huge structures in the game too.

As this port is still in development there are no release details as of yet but we’ll be keeping an eye out for this to land on the Google Play store soon! In the meantime, check out some gameplay of the game running on an Android device below.

More information on Terraria can be found over on its official website and the progress of the Android port can be watch over on Brad’s official blog.

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  1. I.P.Freely

    not to be a downer, but the lag seems unbearable…can you expect anyone to take on a boss fight in that lag? :/ just wondering…. nothing negative

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