‘Pathogen Defense’ Lands On The App Store

Pathogen Defense

Pathogen Defense

Good Apps Factory is looking to combat those nasty everyday germs in their new game Pathogen Defense which is available now on iOS! Pathogen Defense is a mix between classic tower defense games such as The Creeps!, Sentinel, or Jelly Defense and action-strategy games such as Angry Birds and Siegrecraft. In Pathogen Defense your goal is to stop germs from getting past your post. In your artillery you have missiles and power-ups. With each monster you kill, the more experience you gain. This experience can be used to build up your structure in preperation for the next wave of germs.

Pathogen Defense features two games modes: Odyssey and Survival. Odyssey consist of 30 challenging levels where as Survival mode puts you in the action with limited resources and sees how long you can last. The game also comes with Game Center support so you can see how you stack up against the rest of the competition. Have an iPad? Good news, Pathogen Defense also makes it possible for two players to play together on the much larger screen.

Be sure to pick up Pathogen Defense on the App Store today, and remember, wash your hands as your own personal structure may be on the weaker side!

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