Peter Molyneux’s ‘Curiosity’ Now Available

Curiosity Cube
Curiosity Cube Header Image

Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity, originally slated to come out on Wednesday November 7 at 12:22am PST for both android and iOS, released at 11pm PST on November 5 on the App Store. A few hours ahead of the planned release date, catching many players off guard.

The mindset behind the game is to draw players’ curiosity towards figuring out what is inside a cube.  The pun isn’t very subtle, but that doesn’t mean it won’t deliver.  All players chip away at the exact same cube using a chisel.  The fun is in chipping away different shapes and making patterns of music with your chipping abilities.  As you chip, coins will be earned which can be used to purchase various bonuses to get more powerful tools.

The cube will change often due to people’s different styles in chipping away at it and the layers itself are designed to be unique from each other regardless of how the players work away at the surface.

22 Cans promises Curiosity to be the beginning of a revolution and that it will change people’s minds.  You can decide whether or not it’ll do that on your own.  The game’s free so it’s worth at least checking out. You can pick up the game now from the App Store. Sorry fellow Android readers, it doesn’t look like Curiosity is out on Google Play quite yet!

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