‘Pixels Defenders Puzzle’ Is A Puzzle And An RPG In One

Pixel Defenders Puzzle

Pixel Defenders Puzzle Header Image

Social Titansthe makers of Terra Monsters, has recently released their newest game, Pixel Defenders Puzzle.

If its title wasn’t enough of a clue, Pixel Defenders Puzzle uses its puzzle elements as a battle system.  You have to match three colored ‘pixels’ in order to create defender units and fight more efficiently, or match similarly themed units and you’ll create an even more powerful unit. There’s a number of fantasy themed characters involved, the typical wizards and archers. There are a few others, though, that really mix things up, such as a robot bounty hunter from the future.

This game contains a little bit of everything by letting the player play puzzles, fight fiends and save royalty, all while incorporating RPG elements. If you just want to match the pixels without the stress of combat, Social Titians have also included an endless mode where you can try to beat your high score.


Will all these characteristics, a retro graphics interface makes sense.  The pixel and puzzle gameplay is complemented by a retro art style and an 8-bit chip tune soundtrack, packaged together for the all too familiar but always welcome price of $0.99c.

You can buy Pixel Defenders Puzzle from the App Store right now. For more on the game and its creators, please visit its official site or follow Social Titans on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

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