‘Plague Inc.’ Is An Indie Developer’s Dream Come True, Hitting #1 For Over A Week

Plague Inc Banner
Plague Inc Banner

The term “indie game” gets thrown around a lot these days, and can be used to describe everything from a few friends with no experience who make a game as a hobby to a large company which has broken away from its usual publisher in favor of making their own smaller games.  Of course, it is the former which epitomizes the indie gaming scene, and there’s no story more heartwarming than when one of these people succeeds beyond their wildest dreams.  Enter Ndemic Creations.

Ndemic Creations is the team behind the wildly popular Plague Inc., which rose to be the top paid app on the iOS in less than a week.  The game is a “hyper-realistic” plague simulator in which the player must spread a deadly disease from a single victim to the entire human population.  The title’s intelligent AI does everything it can to keep the disease from spreading, so it’s going to take more than a few fleas and rats to get the job done this time around.

So what exactly is it that turns a hobby project into the most popular mobile game in the world?  According to Joshua Kaplan, the man behind most of the magic, t she game can’t be treated as just a hobby.  On the studio’s website he lists a few key things that every up-and-coming developer should keep in mind when working on their project, including the need to “identify a real gap in the market” and to “have a clear vision and stick to it”.

It is also important for any indie developer to keep up with their audience.  After all, if you don’t listen to your fans’ feedback, you won’t have fans for very long.  Understanding this, the team has promised to respond to every single suggestion, complaint, praise or question in their mailbox, which, according to them, number over 400 every day.

Of course, it’s impossible to grasp everything it takes to be a successful indie developer in a 400 word article.  The same can be said of what it took to make Plague Inc. so successful, because really, they’re one in the same.  However, if you’re looking to make a game of your own or you just want to read the details of this truly inspirational story, head on over Ndemic Creationswebsite, where the entire story is detailed in full.

After you’re done there, how about supporting this dream-come-true?  Plague Inc. is only $0.99 on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad, and with two updates already in the books you can expect to be playing a quite some time to come.

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