Play As A Homeless Person In ‘iBeg’


This Spring players will be able to step into the shoes of a homeless person having to beg for money in order to survive in iBeg, a homeless simulator for iOS and Android.

The premise of the game was first developed in January 2012 when Chris Worboys got the inspiration to create a game on the issue of homelessness as he witnessed it first hand in Vancouver’s rising homeless population, where the game takes place.

Players will have to keep themselves happy, healthy, and clean in the harsh streets with a real-time day/night cycle, complete with random events. You’ll even have to deal with weather changes such as rain and snow. You’ll earn money by panhandling, busing, collecting cans, and doing other odd jobs to boost your street abilities. Eventually you’ll be able to see your shelter grow as you work towards getting your avatar off the street.

If you’d like the opportunity to play iBeg head on over to the official Kickstarter page where you can back the game for the low price of $5.

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