Bringing A Webcomic To Life: ‘The Pocalypse Defense 2′ Features TD and RPG Action

The popular animated webcomic, ”The Pocalypse” is on it’s way to becoming a game, thanks to Green Pixel, where Joe Pendon is drawing for the new game. The Pocalypse Defense 2 will be designed for PC/Mac/Linux and on the iPad. Sorry iPhone/iPod Touch users! Similar to Kingdom Rush, some games just aren’t worth it to put it on an iPhone. While there are some previous spin-offs, they’re dedicated to make this into a real, post-apocalyptic game. There’s a catch: They need your help on Indiegogo. With a small goal of only $10,000, they’re attempting to bring, what could be one of the best, a RPG Tower Defense to life.

Think about what you could be doing instead of playing some F2P like Team Fortress 2, and be playing The Pocalypse Defense 2. Frankly, you can emerge yourself in nuclear fudge and destroyed fallout shelters. Surviving through infected areas of mutated zombies: Isn’t that what we wanted in Fallout? If just plain ol’ donating is not enough, supporting them with 150 dollars will snag you a in-game billboard that will be immortalized in the open, a great spot for an ad in a soon-to-be popular game!

Green Pixel‘s main goal is to bring a memorable experience, filled with both character and story rich gameplay. Included with the purchase of the game, is hours of drama, comedy and action. Remember: They still need your support.

Check out their Indiegogo page for more information and be sure to leave a comment if you’ve decided to support!


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