Prepare To Piss Your Pants – ‘Forever Lost’ Launches October 1st

Forever Lost
Forever Lost

Have you guys visited our forums? It’s a great place to find new games, even us writers here at IGM happen to stumble upon hidden gems once in awhile. That is certainly the case with Forever Lost, the point-n-tap adventure for iOS.

Developer Glitch Games recently announced that Forever Lost will be launching October 1st (next Monday!) on the App Store. The game falls into the “escape the room” category, but this one in particular stands out from the rest. In episode 1 of Forever Lost you will be waking up in what looks like an abandoned old school (no windows) psychiatric ward.

You’ll be solving puzzles by finding keys, looking for clues like a musical hint inside a busted radio, finding a trail of hidden hieroglyphs, and many other creepy but interesting riddles. The game also gives you the ability to take a photo (within the game) in case you think you might’ve found a clue and want to look back on it later in the game.

To keep up with Glitch Games be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Keep an eye out for Forever Lost when it hits the App Store next week. Until then, check out the teaser trailer below.

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