Put ‘Em Up: ‘Lil’ Sherman’ Is Looking For Funding

Lil' Sherman

Lil’ Sherman is the little tank that can but currently he needs your help so that his release into the wild will be met in the best possible way!

It’s been a long while since we’ve heard hide or cannon blast of Lil’ Sherman. The announcement some months ago of both Floppy Entertainment‘s forming and their tower defence game for Android and iOS meant a lot of work was ahead, but now the developers are adamant that they can finish Lil’ Sherman in about two months.

Still, like many developers, they are in need of some extra cash to ensure the finish line doesn’t shift all over the place. As is the trend at the moment, Lil’ Sherman has been put on Kickstarter where it is asking for your generous donations. The money will go towards various required licenses and other fees, as well as testing devices. In return, you can bag yourself a copy of the game, early beta access, the soundtrack and a whole load of shiny collectibles.

Lil’ Sherman is a tower defense game primarily, but operates like a third-person shooter as well, with plenty of upgrades and a universally appealing visual style. It will be released for Android and iOS and if the Kickstarter project brings in enough money then PC ports will be pursued too.

More information on Lil’ Sherman can be found on the developer’s official website.

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