‘Quantum Legacy’ Review – Who Else Needs More Than Graphics?

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The whole premise of Quantum Legacy is to blow up enemy ships and to do it with style. The visuals enhance a great deal of the game and really shines. Whether it’s warping to the next encounter or in the middle of a firefight, I would say that it’s one of the best looking space game on iOS and even to par Infinity Blade II. While looking good is definitely a motivator to see all the game has to offer, unfortunately it’s as though the developer, Miles Godspeed, completely forgotten what other aspects go into making a game.

I highly recommend playing the game with headphones, for the fact that the game is voice covered. Unlike many of voice acted iOS games, the voices weren’t grating and were actually entertaining to listen to. Even though the game is entirely voice covered, I couldn’t detect any semblance of a story. I had to fly to different parts of the universe to fight nasty villains, but all the story levels contained the same enemies with only different names by the subtitles. It really would have been nice to have a fulfilling story since the voice acting is actually stellar.

There are only four campaign missions. In most games, this wouldn’t be a problem since a mission or chapter would usually last  from 30 minutes to a hour, but not in Quantum Legacy. I completed the whole game in about 40 minutes and all that effort resulted in unlocking the endless mode. I felt as though nothing had been accomplished in the story and the developer was holding levels back.

The actual gameplay and controls are simple enough. The goal is to shoot down enemy ships but if the ship’s shields are up then damage is unable to be dealt. The flying is done via tilt controls, but it don’t affect anything due to the fact that when the next fight is on the horizon, an icon will appear to tap that will auto-pilot the ship to the fight. That being said the tilt controls were precise when needed, although it would have been convenient if they were to be incorporated into combat. It would have been fantastic if the ship could simply dodge enemy fire instead of occasionally taking a hit while the ship’s shields recharge.

Upon beating the four campaign missions, an endless gauntlet is unlocked. This is exactly what it sounds like, but is surprisingly a ton of fun. I expected to be greeted with a boring infinite level, waiting to die. Rather, it was wave after wave of enemies and I actually had a great time destroying them. The gauntlet modes do everything right where that story mode did wrong. There is no convoluted story line to follow and the “sameness” of the enemies isn’t as annoying here. The core mechanics are the same and are gratifying as ever. The game still does work in the voice overs but in a humorous way that shows that it is an endless mode, rather than trying to work in a new plot twist. Playing the Endless Gauntlet will eventually unlock the Epic Gauntlet which is also a ton of fun. The only mistake made with the gauntlets is that they weren’t available to play from the start but rather only available after playing through the campaign.

Honestly, the game is definitely worth the download since it’s free. The better question is if it is worthy to stay on any iDevices. Overall, the game looks great is fun to play but the lack of a story really does drag down the game. Not to mention that it really doesn’t do anything that hasn’t been seen before but I just can’t help showing it off to friends just to show them how good it looked.

For more information on Quantum Legacy visit their official website. The iOS version can be found at the App Store, universal for the  iPhone and iPad for free.

[review pros="Looks great, fun gauntlets, nice voice acting" cons="No story, campaign is lackluster" score=70]

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