‘Quento’ Is A Little Puzzler That Could

Quento Numbers

If your child or perhaps your own self struggles with mathematics at school, a game called Quento could be worth looking into.

Quento1It’s a really simple idea. Five numbers appear on the game board surrounded by plus and minus signs. All you need to do is solve the math problem by joining the numbers and the signs together into a formula. Let’s look at the example to the left, where you have to reach an answer of 1 by using 3 numbers to be rewarded two stars. So if my math hasn’t alluded me, in this case it would be 3 + 5 – 7. Right?

Originally created by Martin Kool for his 7 year old son, the game has since appeared on the app store thanks to the help of Benjamin de Jager and Marten de Jongh and his making a bit of a name for itself too. As a game it has a clean cut appeal but it’s also a great mathematic tool to help kids learn whilst also having fun.

If you’re curious, Quento comes from the Spanish word ‘cuenta’, meaning ‘sum’ or ‘count’, and ‘quintet’ which is Latin for a ‘group of five’, which of course refers to the five numbers on the board at any one time.

You can download Quento for free from the App Store, with the option of downloading more puzzles to solve as in-app purchases for 99c each. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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