‘Raid Leader’ Review – Simple RTS, Interestingly Fun


Raid Leader is a intense RTS with epic boss battles that we’ve all been yearning to play. Overall, is is a pleasant game, however during the battles it gets a bit repetitive based on how the enemies attack. The gameplay resembles Battle Heart, but I felt there was a large portion missing: the hook. During the battles in Raid Leader, every stage is a boss level. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the bosses usually have a large amount of HP (hit points) and the tactics for a certain boss is extremely repetitious. With a boss, you could move the knight back and forth to dodge the special attack (each boss has a different charged special attack), while allowing the priest to heal the knight.

There are many areas where Raid Leader did do well in, however there were too many degrees where the game did fail in. Like I discussed, the gameplay was repetitious, and eventually felt monotonous. The characters in the game (i.e. knight, hunter and priest) were bland and weren’t exchangeable, unlike Battle Heart. The strategy for all the bosses were pretty similar: attract the boss and minions with the knight, while healing the knight with the priest (hunter was almost useless).  There are special abilities for every character, but they weren’t extremely effective, and the SFX didn’t seem to enhance the gameplay during the intense scenes. Each character can equip two active abilities (they include passive buffs) that can be purchased with the ingame store (using ingame or purchased currency).

The visuals were pleasing, being clear and minimal for the most part. The colors were mostly complementary, which created a nice setting for the characters to fight in. The craftsmanship of the artwork is wonderful and the bosses “popped” out and were interesting. I felt the designer got a bit lazy when they repeated the same characters, but with a different color skin. The game didn’t have the same charisma Battle Heart did, making the game feel  uninteresting and lifeless. Perhaps Raid Leader could profit with different types of battles, instead of everything being boss, boss, boss.

I personally had a problem with the controls because the priest always stopped healing the selected character when ever he or the other character moved. The same think happened when using the hunter as well, being a nuisance. The music wasn’t anything impressive, but it did have a nice and deep tone. I believe that if they could use multiple soundtracks, instead of the one continuous loop that is played when entering the menu and the actual battle.  Raid Leader certainly has a good amount of promise but could certainly use lots of gameplay fixes.

For more information on Raid Leader visit their official website. The iOS version can be found at the App Store, universal for iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

[review pros="Detailed artwork, stunning backgrounds and bosses, great GFX, and a great RTS" cons="Not hooking or attention grabbing, controls were annoying and could use better music" score=70]

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