Rain Of Terror: ‘Drip Drip’ Announced

Drip Drip

Imminent Games, an upcoming studio hailing from the Orange County, has announced that Drip Drip, described as “a casual game with RTS-inspired point-and-click controls,” is in development for the PC, Mac and iOS platforms.

Featuring three difficulty setting and 24 different in-game locations, the game’s basic premise is based around the concept of heavy rainfall and, thus, the player is tasked with the job of collecting water and securing the safety of each American metropolis. In fact, Imminent labels the game’s protagonist an “elite drip collector” who’s a managerial figure at the Disaster Response Team, which is a particularly strong inditement of the company CEO’s ability to come up with job titles, if nothing else.

You’ll also be faced with such rascally setbacks as UFOs, lightning storms, ghosts and even witch doctors, so let’s hope the pay’s good in the Disaster Response Team. We’re also promised “real-time water drop and puddle simulation,” an attribute worthy of the “Sold!” moniker if ever there was one.

Drip Drip isn’t playable yet, but a preview demo is apparently coming soon. To find out more, visit the game’s official site.

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