Reaction Between ‘SpaceChem’ And Android Finally Occurs


If you are an indie gaming enthusiast, there is little or no excuse for letting SpaceChem slip through your fingers. Originally released earlier last year Zachtronics’ SpaceChem had its own feature in one of the Indie Humble Bundles and gained praise from many gamers, casual and indie geeks alike. The iPad port surfaced on the App Store late last year, and it has been a very long time, but by some glorious miracle, SpaceChem is here for your Android tablets.

Heavily inspired by both visual programming and chemistry, SpaceChem brings you the reactions and bonds between atoms in a world of chemical substances. You will pick up atoms and particles, work them out and create what you need. It’s mind-bending, brain-twisting, but nevertheless absolutely charming and rewarding. There is no single answer to any of the games’ puzzles, leaving you free to play the way you wish with your own clever solutions. To satisfy your scientific desire, an endless sandbox mode is also available to help you mold your own creative experience.

It should be noted that the Android version of the game requires a tablet with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 800. Buying and installing the game on smartphones is possible, though it won’t give you the same satisfying experience, even on the more high end Android phones. It is once more worth noting that the game is not at all cheap, costing a hefty of seven bucks. But if you’ve got an Android tablet and are looking to spend quality time working out your brain, SpaceChem is definitely worth a try.

SpaceChem is currently available on the iOS App Store for iPad and Android Google Play. A PC/Mac version is also available on Steam for the PC gamers who accidentally wandered onto the mobile side of the site.

For more information on this and other Zachtronics projects, check out their official website.

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