‘Ready Steady Bang’ Now Ready To Duel On Android

Ready Steady Bang

Cowboys are pretty cool, so are games that use touchscreens to test ones reflexes. Ready Steady Bang, an old hit on the iOS platform is now strutting its way into new territory, the Android market. The port comes thanks to the latest effort of Noodlecake Studios’ – the guys behind Super Stickman Golf – Game A Week Project; an initiative to move more games onto the Android platform, many of which are ports of popular iOS titles.

Ready Steady Bang takes players back to the classic western scene of dusty old towns where posturing cowboys showed off their skills and staked their honor on revolver duels. The game is as simple as a videogame could get: focus on your timing while the game counts down, ‘ready’, ‘steady’, and finally. ‘bang!’. When you hear the final count, all you have to do is tap the screen before your opponent in order to whip out your six shooter and leave them limp on the road. The trick comes when you notice that each game mixes up the amount of time between the count of ‘steady’ and ‘bang’. Just when you think you’ve got the timing down, the game switches things up, keeping your finger twitchy, sweaty and anxious while waiting for the milisecond to crush down on the touchscreen. A number of opponents are available and player’s can earn trophies as they rack up victories. If you’ve got a buddy, 2-player mode is there to delight you both, promising a heap of laughs and fun on one android devices screen.

Not only is Ready Steady Bang fun, it’s also incredibly charming and pleasant to look at. The minimalist  aesthetic takes over with a white background and cute monotone cowboys. Animations are smooth and convey just enough action to give the game that retro arcade feel the kids love these days. There’s even an entire gallery of ‘death animations’ that you can unlock, allowing you to enjoy the chuckle-inducing ways that enemies may fall at the end of your weapon. Adding to the comedic and humorous atmosphere is the distorted counting voice reminiscent of Worms series.

Last but not least, Ready Steady Bang is free on your Android. If you’re still reading this, you’d better stop now and rush to Google Play right away. If you own an iPhone, you can pick up the original version on the App Store  as well, though it will cost you $0.99 instead.

For more information on this and other projects, you can visit Noodlecake Studios website for information about the port. For information about the original game, head over to Chamber Judd‘s website.


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