‘Recess Riot’ Plays Up On iOS This Week

Recess Riot

You remember recess right? That time of your life in primary school when such a short amount of time turned into the most fun 15 minutes ever? Well, unless kiss chasing got involved. I hated that. Anyway, if you long to remember your childhood, Recess Riot by Deceased Pixel aims will help to relive those glory days of skipping rope and dodging footballs. Because we all know how painful a football to the face can be.

Recess Riot’s two games modes, Jump and Dodge, have various difficulty levels within a very retro inspired design, both in its visuals and its audio. As mentioned, Jump is all about jumping rope and dodge is all about avoiding incoming sports equipment, but there’s plenty of twists to the game play to keep things fresh. For example, as you tap to jump, you’ll find the ropes will increase in speed and move left or right. Dodge will throw more and more items at you at the same time while you try and punch or kick balls back from where they came from.

Just when you think you’ve mastered the game, there’s always the ultimate skill of doing both Jump and Dodge at the same time in an advanced stage of Jump itself.

There’s plenty of 8-bit style pixel art and chiptunes to keep you entertained as you go, and you can alter the look of your chosen hero with various hats and wearable costumes such as a ninja outfit or, my personal choice, a top hat.

Recess Riot is scheduled for release on the App Store September 20th, supporting iPhone and iPad. You’ll find leaderboards and achievements galore plus challenges for iOS6 owners and, in a nice touch, full support of the iCade hardware add-on. For more about the game, be sure to head to the official website or Deceased Pixel’s twitter feed.

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