‘République’ Announced For 2013 By Camouflaj And Logan


What’s better than hearing about an Indie studio beginning work on a cool new game? Hearing that two Indie studios are working on a cool new game together! Brace yourselves for the intense impact of République, a game currently under development by two collaborators; Camouflaj and Logan. The game is to be an interesting new breed— a stealth game that has you giving instructions to the protagonist, Hope, rather than actually controlling her.  Your job is to help her escape her dystopian society in one piece after she initially calls you on an illicit phone and begs for your assistance. This already interesting setup is supplemented with several other intriguing details.

The game may be stealthy and co-produced by Camouflaj, but you can’t allow that fool you into thinking it’s anything like Metal Gear. For starters, République has a strict no-killing rule. (Yes, it’s actually going to make you think. No more “shoot anything that moves” escape tactics for you!) The game also employs a highly immersive and emotional storyline. The developers intended it to have a large impact on players and stick with them, which they say is why they chose a mobile platform for the game. As Ryan Payton, one of the developers from Camouflaj, stated in an interview on Game Informer, “I like that the story will always be with you, and I’m excited about what storytelling experiences that opens up for us.”

The developers aren’t cutting any corners with République, including great graphics, full-fledged cinematic cutscenes, and full voiceovers. Setting all that up is very ambitious though, and going to take some money to do. Luckily, Kickstarter is around for just this purpose. If you’re interested or want to learn more about their project, check out their campaign and maybe even pledge a few bucks. The game is to be released for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch in 2013, assuming everything goes according to plan. Here’s hoping this great-looking project turns out as nice as it looks!

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