‘Cave Story’ On 3DS e-Shop – The Most Feature Packed Version

Cave Story

Cave Story via Steam

Among all the big releases on iOS and Android lately, there’s something for any 3DS owners out there to get excited about. Side-scrolling adventure Cave Story by Studio Pixel and Nicalis is set to join the 3DS e-shop, and by all accounts it may go down as the most feature packed version of the game so far.

If you’re new to the whole Cave Story experience, let me break it down for you. You play as an amnesiac boy unaware of the world around him at first, with the aim to protect the Mimiga, a race of strange creatures whose home is under attack. To do that, you’ll have to explore every inch of the cavernous undergrounds, and shooting down enemies while avoiding traps and solving puzzles. Think Metroid or Castlevania and you are half way there.

The original was very much a retro inspired experience that has since become an indie favorite  Since then, there’s been a number of different editions released, from an upgraded Cave Story+ that came out not too long ago on Steam, to a WiiWare edition produced by Nicalis, and a completely new edition entitled Cave Story 3D, exclusively released on the 3DS last year that reinterpreted the characters and settings with an all new visual flair.

In this e-shop edition, you can expect the retro visuals and audio soundtrack of the original Cave Story with some of the content from the Cave Story+ edition and the added benefit of two screens (your inventory showing on the lower screen, for example). Full use of 3D in the upper screen of the handheld is also included, and you will be able to adjust the controls to your liking, just in case.

Cave Story will be released on October 4th on the e-shop download service for $9.99. For more on Cave Story and its rich history, be sure to visit both the official Nicalis website. Or, if you can read Japanese, cruise over to Cave Story’s original creator, Studio Pixel.

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