Robots On Robots: ‘Machinarium’ Says Hello To Android


Amanita Design’s award winning and undeniably marvellous point and click adventure title, Machiniarium, has finally been released for Android.

Featuring fantastic hand-drawn artwork, a quirky sense of humor and a pretty great soundtrack, Machinarium has been very deserved of the praise it has received since its release. We gave the PC version of the game a very high score ourselves and can only transfer that to the iOS version of the game. Needless to say, we expect no different from this Android release.

You’ll be playing as a small robot as he attempts to sneak back into the city he just got chucked out of in order to save his lady friend. There are plenty of puzzles to solve the whole way and you can also expect some slightly tedious pixel searching, as is often the case with adventure titles. Regardless, Machinarium is a fantastic title to pick up and could it get any more fitting to play a game about robots on an Android device?

It should be noted that this mobile version of the game is best played on a tablet due to the design of some of the puzzles. It’s still playable on a smaller screen but it is not recommended if you have a tablet you can play it on.

So, if all sounds good and you’re up for a challenge, you can grab Machinarium for your Android device for just £2.49 / $3.99 on the Google Play Store.

More information on Machinarium can be found over on its official website.

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