Rock A Fanny Pack In The ‘Super Comboman’ Kickstarter

Super Comboman

Super Comboman

Do you know who wears fanny packs? Bad asses. If you see someone walking down the street rocking a fanny pack I’d steer clear. Chances are they’re some sort of deadly assassin that knows they can do whatever they damn well please. A great example of this is Super Comboman, a game where you play as an energetic islander who, you guessed it, rocks a fanny pack.

Struggles (Stugs), the main character of Super Comboman, lives in a sticker universe where he wears a distinguishable talking fanny pack named Fanny. Struggles and his little brother, Nug, lost their parents when they were young, and it is now up to Struggles to support them by taking on random jobs through a capitalist emotion draining corporation called DODOCO.

Obsessed with combos and his favorite comic book character the mysterious Super Comboman, Struggles is now emulating him and busting combos on everything and everyone in sight.

While Super Comboman is only on Kickstarter right now, the Super Comboman Team will be releasing the game on Mac and PC through episodic releases. Once they refine those platforms they’ll extend their alpha build that they currently have for Android and iOS!

To back Super Comboman check out their Kickstarter page today!

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