SeaCraft! – Sid Meier’s Pirates Takes To The MMO Seas

Shiver me timbers! An indie, mobile, MMO take on the classic Sid Meier’s Pirates? Yes please! Developed single-handedly in his spare time over the course of nearly three years using almost exclusively free and open source software, SeaCraft! is Croatian developer Luka Jandric’s first game. With a 3D engine, 11 different Empires to play as and the entire globe as your playground, it looks like a really detailed trading game with scope for all kinds of seafaring shenanigans.

SeaCraft gameplay

Despite only being available for a short time so far, SeaCraft! already boasts over 9,000 users in the huge game world. It is available on all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone (prices vary per platform). A free version is also available if you want to try before you buy. The free version limits what you can do a little, but still gives you a great deal of the functionality. It only disables trading in shipyards, but thankfully doesn’t come with some of the things that plague free versions; ads, in-app purchases and time limits, which is a very welcome change.

If you enjoyed Sid Meier’s original game back in the late eighties, or the remake from 2004, it might be worth taking out that treasure map one more time and setting sail for your relevant app store in search of this potential gem.

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