‘Shepherd – Mars Needs Sheep’ – Just Updated And Free All Week

Shepherd – Mars Needs Sheep!

ShepardShepherd – Mars Needs Sheep! the Infinite State Games iOS title in which you protect your flock of sheep from a group of hungry aliens that want to nom them, was just updated. To celebrate, the game is free for this week only!

The new update includes:

  • Total art update – Cuter aliens! Slicker upgrade screens! More cartoony backgrounds!
  • Auto-camera – Now play the game without using tilt! More casual, more fun!
  • Tighter gameplay – go from calm to panic in less than a minute!
  • Gun overheat mechanic – deepens gameplay and encourages smart chaining
  • Cooler sound effects – you’re gonna love the robot lady announcing your enormous chains
  • New music! – a cooler tune in the championship mode

So, if you’re new to the game and would like to check it out, or if you’ve been trying to get your friends on the exploding sheep train, head over to the App Store! You can find more info about Infinite State Games on their website, Facebook and their Twitter account!

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