Shootout: ‘Gunman Clive’ Now On The App Store

Gunman Clive
Gunman Clive

Bertil Horberg has released his sidescrolling action-platformer, Gunman Clive on to the App Store so grab your guns and get going!

With a classic, perhaps even “generic” feel, Gunman Clive has strutted on to the App Store and is looking good with its sketchy visuals. It’s a platformer at heart, set in the Wild West which of course means jumping along moving trains and several jump sequences made difficult with gunshots around protagonist Clive.

Bertil really meant it when he said this is a “classic” platformer as the game’s central plot revolves around getting through the thugs to save the kidnapped Mayor Johnsons daughter. Don’t let that put your off though, many of the indie platformers that are now considered ‘greats’ take the same approach, and let’s be fair – it’s the gameplay that matters.

You can purchase Gunman Clive on the App Store for just $1.99.

More information on Gunman Clive can be found on the developer’s official blog.

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