Simogo Releases Another Haunting ‘Year Walk’ Trailer

Year Walk


It’s been awhile since we last wrote on Simogo’s eery looking Year Walk, a big departure from their often colorful titles such as Bumpy Road and Kosmo Spin. The Swedish developers decided to launch a perfectly timed trailer (Happy Halloween everyone!) to go along with the day’s festivities.

The iOS title will have you wandering about 19th century Sweden adventuring through the forest in the crunchy snow discovering the various encounters of the Swedish tradition in taking a year-walk to foresee any hints or possibilities of what the next year might have in store. Along the way you’ll discover long-told urban legends by interacting with objects and the world itself, all from a 2D yet first-person view.

Sadly, Year Walk will not be releasing this year as the trailer clearly flashes 2013 towards the end. Nonetheless, we’ll be patiently waiting for its eventual release. To keep up with Somogo Games be sure to follow them on Twitter.

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