Sir! I’d Like to Report a Bug! – Free 16-bit Nostalgia

In the new age of 3-dimensions, 2D-platforming – think Contra, King Kong and so on – isn’t dead. Sir! I’d like to report a bug! sets its sights on proving this. Seemingly meant to inspire severe nostalgia, the first showing for the boys at Lord Puggington Games looks to induce a total recall of the side-scrolling glory days.


Control Reggie, a blue-collared QA Tester, as you button-mash and obstacle-hurdle your way through the work-week. The likes of killer cars, lava floors, and “tough-as-nails” gameplay is sure to provide that sentiment the older gaming generation fell in love with. Oh, did I mention the serial killers? And you thought your commute was bad.


The Terminator-like setting isn’t the only aspect to demand nostalgic remembrance, as the title boasts awesome 16-bit graphics, and a chip tune soundtrack will provide motivation to dust off the cassette collection and replace the batteries in the Walkman. Another interesting component is the implementation of “Post-Crowdfunding”.


This is a new concept, with the potential to become the norm for the indie games industry. The idea basically allows for investing after a project is proven successful. No longer is a “leap of faith” required on the investors end, as the proof is in the pudding – or something of the sort.

I for one am prepared to be teleported back to the material world of the 80’s, and you can join me for free as Sir, I’d like to report a bug! is available on Google Play right now.

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  1. Abby

    Yay pudding!! And who doesn’t want to relive their childhood with a classic “the floor is made of lava” level? Old school is the new school.

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