‘Skipping Turtles’ Brings Animal Fun To Kickstarter

Skipping Turtles
Skipping Turtles

What do you do when you have a fascination for turtles and video games? Make a video game where the hero is a turtle of course! Skipping Turtles lead developer Kevin Bailey, who grew up in Australia, established an interest in animals, particularly the salt water crocodile and the turtle. Bailey is looking to bring a concept he has to life through Kickstarter, and is even donating a portion of the backing towards animal education and zoos around the world!

Skippy, the middle-aged turtle once famous for his ability to slide and skip across any surface, is now coming out of retirement for one last adventure. Skippy has learned from his friends that Salty, the menacing saltwater crocodile, is back from the harsh Australian Outback and is looking to take over the water supply. His plan is to construct a water system that will effect the Land Down Under and it’s up to Skippy and his team to stop Salty and his minions.

The gameplay revolves around navigating Skippy through water ways consisting of pipes, slides, and underground labrytinths. Skippy is joined alongside Snap, an alligator snapping turtle, Hops, the legendary red kangaroo, and many others. These friends will help Skippy by using their special abilities in game.

The entry level to contribute to their Kickstarter is just $1, and that will get you a copy of the game as well as a personal thank you from Skippy and granted membership of Skippy Nation. If your wallet is on the thicker side you can pledge up to $2,500. WThat will get you a one of a kind Didgeridoo from Australia, custom crafted by aborigines. If that’s not awesome and unique then I don’t what is! Other items include t-shirts, stickers, your name in the credits, a game print signed by the creator, a character named after you, your own personal billboard,  and a unique character/avatar that will be included in the beginning of the game intro.

If you’d like to keep up with the development of Skipping Turtles be sure to like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and check out their official website where you can sign up for updates and contest details. Most importantly, don’t forget to head on over to their Kickstarter page where you can help make this game a reality.

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