Snake? Naomi? Hayter and Hale Join ‘République’


We already knew that Camouflaj’s stealth sensation République was stepping into spectacular territory, but things just got turned up to 11 with the news that beloved voice actors David Hayter and Jennifer Hale will lend their unparalleled talent to the game’s sound design.

Hayter, best known as the husky voice of Solid Snake, and perhaps less known as the “EA Sports, it’s in the game” fellow, will be voicing a revolutionary hell-bent on taking down the Overseers through a heavy-handed propaganda campaign. If he doesn’t bring his cardboard box along, we’ll be sad campers.

Hale, on the other hand, has provided the vocal talent for such iconic gaming characters as Samus Aran, Naomi Hunter, Female Commander Shepard and Bastila Shan – just about every major female character in the history of ever. She’ll be voicing a mysterious antagonist called The Mentor, whose specific character traits have yet to be revealed.



Since République‘s initial announcement, the game has garnered a phenomenal amount of coverage within the gaming press. With a deadline of 11th May looming, Camouflaj still hopes to raise $500,000 via its Kickstarter campaign, just over $180,000 of which had been accumulated as of this writing. With this latest Metal Gear-shaped bombshell, however, Camouflaj will no doubt be hoping that the funding process will receive the shot in the arm needed to truly do justice to their potential-oozing project.

République is slated for a Summer release on iOS, followed by a PC launch at an unspecified date.

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