So What Is 100% Indie?

100 percent indie large

100 percent indie large

Chillingo came out earlier this week to announce a new initiative that aims to support indie developers in every way possible. But what is it really?

Called 100% Indie, the program is a result of a partnership between Chillingo (owned by Electronic Arts) and Samsung, for titles created specifically for Android based devices. To be clear, that means Samsung’s own App store, separate to that of Google’s Play Store.

Studios who do sign up for the program will be provided a number of resources that Chillingo hopes will fuel the fire and inspire the next generation of android devs, along with a higher percentage of revenue for any titles they do release through Samsung’s portal.

chillingoAccording to the website, developers will receive the full 100% revenue from March 4, 2013 (the opening day of the program) through to September 3, 2013. From there, revenue share drops to 90% until the following March 2014, then 80% revenue share until March 2015 before levelling at 70% revenue share from then on in.

So what’s the catch? There may not be any at all given the above revenue outlook, but the key here for the moment is Samsung themselves. The profit levels or incentives for other platforms beyond Samsung Apps is still uncertain for the moment, whether they reach the same heights or even close may come down to the initial response from developers. A rather high level of revenue is certainly a worthwhile program, though the Samsung App store isn’t as well supported compared to Google Play.

According to the official website, the initial call is for up to 3000 developers, that’s certainly a lot of unique content if the program is a success. It will be interesting to see what other promotional incentives or advantages Chillingo will bring to the table for other mobile based platforms, or if further partnerships can be formed to increase awareness and inspire even more up coming studios.

If you’re a developer who’s looking to sign up to the program or has already done so, keep us informed, we’re intrigued to know more. We certainly do hope that anyone who joins 100% Indie have a successful time of it, but only time will tell.

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