Soap Creative Works On An Untitled Space Shooter

Untitled Shooter Header Image


Los Angeles and Australia based, Soap Creative, makers of Diggin’ DogsTumbzilla, and Zen3, are currently working on a dual stick shooter set in space.

In this game, players will fight angry robots from their mini-spaceship while navigating the space equivalent of an obstacle course.  There are lasers and fun colored weapons and the robots come in different sizes, and shapes with different faces too.

It looks like there’s plenty to do with over 100 levels, upgradeable weapons, with more than one upgrade, and a variety of enemies.  It’s also going to include multiplayer, a shop, and an online editor that will let players modify and create their own levels.

All of this promises tons of customization and hours of gameplay.  In order to make this happen, Soap Creative is looking for input from their audience.  On the game’s main page, they’re currently looking for Beta Testers and suggestions for the game title.  Winners will receive game codes and t-shirts.

You can check out what the game play looks like at the moment from its  trailer embedded below. The game is expected to be out in early 2013 on the iPad, iPhone, and Android. You can find more information about the untitled game on its official site.  You can also follow the developers on their Twitter.

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