‘Spaceopoly’ – The MMO Space Simulator Lands On Kickstarter


Spaceopoly, by Pocket Vault Studios, just recently landed on Kickstarter for iOS, and touts a pretty unique concept. Spaceopoly is a cross between the property management and trading of Monopoly, and the building dynamics of SimCity. Top that off with the expansion components of Masters of Orion in a multiplayer universe, and you have a formula for success.

Taking place sometime in the future, faster than light travel, the mining lazer, and atomic teraphormology have been invented, giving the opportunity to colonize new planets as earth has been filled with smog. Of course we’re only human and once you colonize a new planet you’ll need to learn how to make in inhabitable for a large population without making the same mistakes that were made back on earth.

If you check out the Spaceopoly Kickstarter you can get a better look at the game as there’s some screenshots that show off how the planet gameplay will look. The Kickstar video embedded below shows some off the spaceship gameplay and really highlights the charming art style.

To back Spaceopoly be sure visit the official Kickstarter page where you can secure your copy of the game as well as an exclusive wallpaper for $5. To keep up with developers Pocket Vault Studios be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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