Spur – Testing The Western Waters


Running, stamping and shooting its way onto Android devices is the prototype for ‘rapid rogue-like’ action game, Spur, which the developers at Ilumbo are currently showing off on Google Play

Spur borrows from the extremely popular Spelunky and sets players on an unforgiving speed-run, this time through the ravines of the West. As you make your way through the ravines, racing against the clock – you only have 24 seconds to reach each checkpoint – you’ll have to keep one hand on your revolver, ready to draw against all of the creatures that will stand in your way.


I say stand, but they’re more apt to slither, crawl and fly, as you’d expect from creatures deep in a ravine.

The further into the ravines the brave cowboy gets, the more creatures try to stop him and the narrower the tunnels he has to traverse get. Like I said, Spur is taking a page from games like Spelunky, and aims to be pretty challenging.

The game has a minimalist cartoon style that seems to work in its favour. When quick actions and decisions are needed, it’s a good thing that the screen will never be too cluttered to navigate. Something else that you won’t currently find distracting is the music, as there isn’t any. I’m assuming that this is something that is to be added at a later date, as the game was eerily quiet unless I was shooting snakes and bats between the eyes.


As I have already stated, Spur is currently only a prototype and so is likely to improve significantly before the final release, but I still have a couple of suggestions.

Firstly, I would make the buttons bigger, as I found myself missing them a number of times. In a game where every second counts, this could frustrate a gamer to no end.

Secondly, there is no timer in the prototype. Since time is of the essence, this seems quite an important feature to include, so that a gamer will know how long they have left to reach the next checkpoint. It will also build tension as gamers watch the seconds tick down, knowing that they’ll have to time every leap perfectly if they’re going to make it. As it is, I actually didn’t even know I only had 24 seconds to get to each clock, and was travelling through the ravines at a rather leisurely pace.

Download the prototype for yourself here, but listen up:

“This is a prototype. It might freeze; visual glitches exist; when you receive a call, your progress is lost.” The developers have made it clear that this is still early days for Spur, the fast-paced Western adventure that I’ll be sure to speed through in the future, so if you decide to venture into the underground and rate or comment, keep your guns drawn.




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  1. Nikita

    Hii, i have read your article, and there is time, if you look closely to the clouds round his feet you can see that they will give you the time you have left, good article by the way
    Grreetz Nick

    • Ryan Noble

      Hi Nikita, thanks for getting in touch! Ah yes, I see it now. I quite like how you’ve done that, but I would suggest trying to make it slightly more obvious, if possible! Glad you liked the article – looking forward to seeing what you do with Spur.

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