Steve Jackson’s ‘Sorcery!’ Coming To iOS


Sorcery!Next year is the 30th anniversary of Fighting Fantasy co-creator Steve Jackson’s epic four-book Sorcery! series. To celebrate, Jackson has teamed up with Inkle, developers of the rave-reviewed Frankenstein app, to bring all four books into the twenty-first century in a series of four iPhone and iPad apps.

Inkle is hoping to bring the best from adventure games and video-game RPGs, and combining them with Sorcery’s depth of story, and Inkle’s visual design

For those who don’t know, Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! was a gamebook series that took up most of his life between 1983 – 1985.  Inkle, known for their re-working of the Frankenstein story, seems like a good partnership overall.

For those who read Sorcery! back in the day, you’ll be glad to hear that this new adaption has been extensively expanded, giving the player the ability to explore the world visually instead of imagining it. In fact, you’ll have the ability to visit every location, talk to various characters, and of course come in to contact with all the various monsters and traps.

The old-school dice roll combat has been replaced with a combat system which will remove the possibility for cheating. Therefore there will be much more strategy involved when learning the weaknesses of your enemy and taking advantage of it.

The first part of the adventure, The Shamuntanti Hills, will be available in the App Store in March 2013, with the second book, Kharé: Cityport of Traps to follow in summer. To find out more on this new version of Sorcery! be sure to visit the official website and follow Inkle Studios on Twitter.

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