Magic Pixel Games Wants You To ‘Stick To It’

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Stick To It iPadRemember Boom Blox, a Nintendo Wii puzzle game that was co-concieved by the wondrous mind of Steven Spielberg? At the time it was rather innovative in the way it used the Wii remote to fling and interact with blocks and was warmly received by critics (and me, I must admit).

Why am I harping on about it? Because a new indie studio has formed from members of the Boom Blox team who will soon release their first iOS title, Stick to It. Born from a their own personal game jam, Magic Pixel Games has created a puzzler with a similar focus on physics based problem solving.

In this case, it’s the story of a young little critter named Spike who continually gets separated from its mother. To reach her you have to use the environment to your advantage in rolling and sticking Spike to certain obstacles to get him from one side of the puzzle to the other and to safety. All you have to do is time your one button press just right in order for Spike to stick out his sharp sides to grip the edges. Check out the video below to get a better idea:


There’s fast and slow moving platforms, large drops and portals to take advantage of in order to reach your mother’s arms across 80 levels with more than can be freely downloaded once they become available, either for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. No news on whether it will reach other platforms beyond that, but it’s something the team is considering.

Stick to It will be released on the App Store this February 8th and will be free to download for the first 72 hours of release until the price goes up, so keep an eye out and check the official website for any last minute updates.

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