Storm In A Teacup: ‘Inferno+’ Coming To iOS


You know what they say, right? If it’s good enough for one thing, it’s good enough for another. And that’s why RadianGames is making is second leap onto the iOS platform in the space of a month with the release of Inferno+, coming to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices at some point between 31st May and 14th June.

The news follows on from last week’s release of Ballistic, another twin-stick shooter from the same development studio. And in a similar fashion to Ballistic, Inferno+ seeks to utilise the touch screen controls afforded to RadianGames by the constantly developing iOS technology to deliver a pulsating twin-stick experience on the go. Heck, the soundtrack’s pulsating, at any rate.



The original PC and Mac versions of Inferno+ were generally well received by the gaming community, garnering an impressive array of positive reviews, including one right here at IGM. Taking the traditional twin-stick shooter conventions and adopting a slower, more measured approach to gameplay, it’s fair to say that the game’s PC incarnation was a shining example of a thinking man’s twin-stick experience, complete with all the upgrades and perks all but the most avid of collectors could stomach. Let’s hope, then, that such a proven concept will translate adequately onto a mobile system.


More information on the game can be found on RadianGames’ official website.

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