‘Super Flip Runner’ Joins The Endless Runner Family

Super Flip Runner Banner
Super Flip Runner Banner

Sometimes, less is more, especially in the case of iOS games. What could be simpler than the endless runner genre?  You have one command, one objective: jump to not die.  Their simplicity is what makes them so addictive.  You can play four or five runs on your subway ride in the morning without having to get so involved that you miss your stop.  They’re the ultimate pick-up-and-play games.  Joining the family is Super Flip Runner, the latest project from Limpo Arts.

Super Flip Runner will have you running across a series of randomly generated scaffolds and rooftops for as long as you can.  As is par for the series, crash once and you’re done.  The game adds a nice element of innovation, as there is scaffolding on both the top and bottom of the screen, allowing you to run on whichever you see fit.  Otherwise, you aren’t going to see anything here that you haven’t before.

Super Flip Runner is waiting for you in the App Store now at no charge, so what are you waiting for?  Run on over and pick it up. You can find out more about Super Flip Runner and Limpo Arts on their official website.

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  1. Antonio Limpo from Limpo Arts

    What’s New in Version 1.0.1
    New scenario, “Alien World”.
    Fixed several graphical bugs and glitches.
    Now the game doesn’t restart everytime you die, everything is recycled, so virtually any loading times.

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