‘Super Mole Escape’ Is An Endless Burrower

Super Mole Escape
Super Mole Escape

Endless runners–they’re just about everywhere. These games are self-explanatory, in that the playable characters continually run forward while avoiding obstacles and often collecting items until they hit something or fall into a pit. Canabalt, Robot Unicorn Attack, and Temple Run all come to mind as popular games in this genre.

Super Mole Escape follows in the footsteps of those games, but rather than running, you are digging down and out of a prison, much like a real mole (well, minus the prison part). You tilt your device to turn the small mammal in order to dodge any obstacles. Along the way, you collect gems to buy powerups, buy characters (only two are playable at the start), or upgrade your abilities. Powerups are also provided in boxes. Once you smash a box, you see a Mario Kart-style roulette that decides which item you get. Another mole, known as the Warden, attempts to chase you down, so it’s recommended that you get speed boosts from collecting all the gems in a group early and often.

There is a two-player Versus mode, where the players try to burrow farther than each other. Also featured is an online scoreboard for people to try to outdig everyone else.

If I hated Super Mole Escape, I’d say it’d be digging endless runners deeper into their grave, but the footage actually looks to be quite interesting and, let’s face it, the genre could use some originality.

Super Mole Escape is already out on iOS, and is made by Adult Swim and Grumpyface Studios. Be sure to check out the trailer below!


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