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Hollow Grounds Review

Hollow Grounds is a recently released iOS game currently on sale for 99 cents and I wholeheartedly recommend picking it up.  The game controls use the accelerometer entirely and only needs touch for menu navigation[...]

Fingle Review

Fingle is an interesting iPad only game, because it uses the full capability of the iPad’s larger screen. Before I purchased this app, I actually looked over it once or twice. I was interested in[...]

Where’s My Water? Review

This game brings you into a new and unique puzzler where you bring water to a germophobic sewer alligator. During the way, there’s tons of obstacles to dodge and evade. I had fun playing this game especially[...]

Army Wars Defense 2 Review

Army Wars Defense comes back with a new sequel, better than the original. AWD2 is a nice Real-Time-Strategy that combines something like Plants Vs. Zombies, but you have to take offense, instead. The game is based off[...]