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IGM Forum Find: Ultimate Space Snake – Twist on a Classic

Old “brick”-style cell phones were notable for several things, aside from being nearly indestructible. They introduced multi-function devices that included games to a multitude of people, and one of the first games I remember playing[...]

Super Pixalo Takes Players through Pop Culture History

Super Pixalo is a stand-out new addition to the colorful array of 2D platformers available today. Starring the titular character Pixalo, “the Freddie Mercury of pixels,” the game will feature 124 levels of platforming goodness,[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Grapes Issue

It’s time to make a large amount of very tasty grape juice through Equilibre Games’ first release, Grapes Issue. A simple and funny puzzle game set around physics and trap setting, this game aims to[...]

Escape Dangerous Obstacles with FreeDum

Just released on iOS and Android devices on April 10, 2014, FreeDum is the ultimate in cute, escape platform gaming from BulkyPix Publishers and Pedro Studios. It is a puzzle game set in a childlike[...]

IGM Forum Find – Veritas LCD

After scouring the forums for a game to cover, a retro mobile gem called Veritas LCD caught my eye. By caught my eye, I mean I couldn’t tear myself away from the uniquely modern take[...]

Silver Zombie – Zombie Survival with Heart

Most zombie games for mobile are a top-down experience, or a first-person exploration venture (assuming you can find them at all). Silver Zombie aims to change that with a third-person survival shooter for multiple mobile platforms.[...]

Singular – From Ludum Dare To Full Release

Indie developer Nerial is set to release a completed version of his game, Singular. Originally released with 19 levels for Ludum Dare #28, an online game jam where developers from around the world are given[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Archangel: Martian Orbit

With Born3d’s Archangel: Martian Orbit  release today, space takes one small step for Google Play, and one giant leap for point-and-click adventure games. You awake on the Archangel Soviet spaceship, with no memory of what[...]

Civiballs – Free Spherical Puzzler for Android

HeroCraft, creators of a number of apps for both Apple and Android mobile devices, have come out with a free puzzle app, available for download from the Google Play store. In Civiballs, players embark on[...]