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‘Gun Commando’ Promises 8-Bit Visceral Action

European developer Green Hill and publishers Ripstone are set to release Gun Commando, a “visceral” first-person shooter with retro 8-bit graphics on PlayStation Mobile devices this week. Gun Commando takes things back to basics; the earth has been[...]

iGun Zombie Review

There’s another “iGun” app on the market, but how well does it compare against the other apps that are more well known? For a fact, there is a uniqueness to this app, where there is a game[...]

Dark Meadow Review

What would be the combination of Infinity Blade and some horror game (e.g. Fatal Frame)? Dark Meadow, that’s what. This game is a tap-to-move FPS. Somewhat like Infinity Blade, where you tap to move. However,[...]