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Civiballs – Free Spherical Puzzler for Android

HeroCraft, creators of a number of apps for both Apple and Android mobile devices, have come out with a free puzzle app, available for download from the Google Play store. In Civiballs, players embark on[...]

IGM Forum Finds: Save Looma

If you’re looking for a new outer space adventure featuring a cuddly orphan alien, Save Looma might be just what you need. 2d6 Games, a one-man developer based in the United Kingdom, recently launched the tile-based[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Diving Kitties

Adorable and ridiculous – those are the first words that come to mind upon discovering Diving Kitties, a whimsical mobile game for Android and iOS. The two felines, Kaikai and Jinjin (such cute names ) dive[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Plunder Peril for Android

From ForTheLoss, creator of browser flash games, comes  an endless/auto-runner that’s sure to be infuriatingly addictive for Android users. Plunder Peril is very simple: You run, you collect coins, and you avoid obstacles. Pits, lava[...]

Quest in Peace Review – An Undying Good Time

Quest in Peace Review – An Undying Good Time

Everyone knows that zombies are a big thing right now. HeroCraft, however, takes a fresh approach in their game Quest in Peace - the undead in question is the hero, and arguably the cutest skeleton I’ve[...]

Rocket Doge – Much Entertain, Wow

Since the meme’s popularity a few months back ‘Doge’ has found fame beyond other memes from the likes of Reddit or Tumblr. If you do a simple search on the App Store or Google Play[...]

Jump Right ‘Into the Box’

Colorful, psychedelic and crazy; these three words can sum up Into the Box pretty accurately. Out now for web browsers and Android devices, Into the Box is an arcade-style game where you will find yourself[...]

Cyber Pest Control 3D is Just a Little Buggy

Cyber Pest Control 3D is Just a Little Buggy

Hate bugs?  Love gardening? Either way, this might be the game for you. Cyber Pest Control 3D is a new offering for Android and iOS from Software Alchemy in Norfolk, England. It is free to[...]

Amazon goes for the gold with Olympic game specials

To celebrate the opening of the 2014 Winter Olympics, Amazon.com’s Appstore is presenting Android gamers with the gold medal in game deals. Developers around the world have created Gold Medal apps included in the opening[...]