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Civiballs – Free Spherical Puzzler for Android

HeroCraft, creators of a number of apps for both Apple and Android mobile devices, have come out with a free puzzle app, available for download from the Google Play store. In Civiballs, players embark on[...]

IGM Forum Finds: Save Looma

If you’re looking for a new outer space adventure featuring a cuddly orphan alien, Save Looma might be just what you need. 2d6 Games, a one-man developer based in the United Kingdom, recently launched the tile-based[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Diving Kitties

Adorable and ridiculous – those are the first words that come to mind upon discovering Diving Kitties, a whimsical mobile game for Android and iOS. The two felines, Kaikai and Jinjin (such cute names ) dive[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Plunder Peril for Android

From ForTheLoss, creator of browser flash games, comes  an endless/auto-runner that’s sure to be infuriatingly addictive for Android users. Plunder Peril is very simple: You run, you collect coins, and you avoid obstacles. Pits, lava[...]

Quest in Peace Review – An Undying Good Time

Quest in Peace Review – An Undying Good Time

Everyone knows that zombies are a big thing right now. HeroCraft, however, takes a fresh approach in their game Quest in Peace - the undead in question is the hero, and arguably the cutest skeleton I’ve[...]

Rocket Doge – Much Entertain, Wow

Since the meme’s popularity a few months back ‘Doge’ has found fame beyond other memes from the likes of Reddit or Tumblr. If you do a simple search on the App Store or Google Play[...]

Jump Right ‘Into the Box’

Colorful, psychedelic and crazy; these three words can sum up Into the Box pretty accurately. Out now for web browsers and Android devices, Into the Box is an arcade-style game where you will find yourself[...]

Cyber Pest Control 3D is Just a Little Buggy

Cyber Pest Control 3D is Just a Little Buggy

Hate bugs?  Love gardening? Either way, this might be the game for you. Cyber Pest Control 3D is a new offering for Android and iOS from Software Alchemy in Norfolk, England. It is free to[...]