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Civiballs – Free Spherical Puzzler for Android

HeroCraft, creators of a number of apps for both Apple and Android mobile devices, have come out with a free puzzle app, available for download from the Google Play store. In Civiballs, players embark on[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Grand Battle

It’s incredible, when considered from a generational standpoint, that what was once on big computers and hardware taking up a lot of space now fits in our palms. Long time fans of series’ like Command[...]

Sweetheart Deals for Valentine’s Day Weekend

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. We all know that now we get to enjoy the most important part of the holiday: discounted chocolate! And you know what goes great with discounted chocolate? Discounted games![...]

Google Unveils Google Play Game Services

iOS players have long had their own multiplayer matching and achievement tracking service, GameCenter, but until this week, Android players have been out in the cold as far as a native system goes.  There are[...]

‘Sword And Sworcery’ Available On Android (Yay!)

Sword and Sworcery has been out in the App Store since September for $4.99 and now it has joined the ranks of games that have both iOS or Android versions.  On December 20, Superbrothers announced the Android release[...]

Prepare To Get ‘Tangled’ On Your Android Devices

Tangled, the puzzle game of inseparable strings, has made the jump to its fourth platform — the Google Play store. A fairly impressive accomplishment for an indie puzzle game. For those of you unfamiliar with[...]

Branching Out: Terraria Port Sync Pack Made Available

What do we want? Terraria on Android! After throwing our money at our monitor for a quite a long time, fantasy becomes reality. Portable Terraria. After some skepticism about the legal issues when we first announced that[...]