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IGM Forum Finds – Diving Kitties

Adorable and ridiculous – those are the first words that come to mind upon discovering Diving Kitties, a whimsical mobile game for Android and iOS. The two felines, Kaikai and Jinjin (such cute names ) dive[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Grand Battle

It’s incredible, when considered from a generational standpoint, that what was once on big computers and hardware taking up a lot of space now fits in our palms. Long time fans of series’ like Command[...]

iOS7 From An Indie Gamers Perspective

Out of all the E3 hype, there was another big conference that was catching everyone’s attention, within an arena that they’ve made their name for. Yes, Apple took to the stage one more to introduce[...]

Konami Wants In On Indies

Konami, long time developer and publisher of  Metal Gear and the like, announced today their plans to increase their support of independent developers, starting with a freshly minted partnership with LA studio Kung Fu Factory. The[...]

UK Games Company Total Monkery Announces ‘Iliara’

UK-based family Indie company Total Monkery has announced their first title, the action-puzzle game Iliara. Told through a series of paintings, Iliara tells the story of the titular spirit creature, Iliara. Born from the very essence of his[...]

Be the ‘Bee Leader’

Bees, the bite-sized (and sometimes deadly) pests are coming to your iPad and iPhone courtesy of Flightless Limited! In Bee Leader, you play as the leader of a colony of bees and collect orbs as[...]

Indie Developer Coalition Organizing Massive Sale

One of the hardest parts of being an indie artist of any kind, whether a game developer, novelist or otherwise, is getting your product out there, which is no small feat when distributors take control[...]