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IGM Forum Finds: Save Looma

If you’re looking for a new outer space adventure featuring a cuddly orphan alien, Save Looma might be just what you need. 2d6 Games, a one-man developer based in the United Kingdom, recently launched the tile-based[...]

Red Bull Racers Debuts Today: Get Your Wings!

Red Bull, the makers of everybody’s favorite wing-granting energy drink, launched their newest mobile game today. Red Bull Racers, a fast-paced racing game for iOS and Android, is a joint production from Red Bull Media[...]

TriBlaster Blasts Onto Mobile Devices

Calling all old-school Galaga fans and the new generation of mobile gamers – at last, the twain shall meet. TriBlaster, which visually references the old geometric shooting classic, has been released for iOS devices and Android.[...]

Quest in Peace Review – An Undying Good Time

Quest in Peace Review – An Undying Good Time

Everyone knows that zombies are a big thing right now. HeroCraft, however, takes a fresh approach in their game Quest in Peace - the undead in question is the hero, and arguably the cutest skeleton I’ve[...]

Take to the skies with MooFO

Delightfully tongue-in-cheek and colorful, MooFo by damnstudios hit the iOS store today. MooFo revolves around the misadventures of a calamitous cow called Daisy who has taken up a career in spaceship flying. The aim of[...]

Bubl Draw Lets You Draw with Music

A new children’s app now available for the iPhone and iPad, Bubl Draw allows kids to draw whatever they’d like, and then turns those artistic musings into musical compositions. In the game, every color corresponds[...]