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‘iTapPirate’ – Thar Be Updates On The Way

Inter-illusion has new updates for their game iTapPirate on their way in the upcoming weeks and they look fan-freaking-tastic: The new updates with include: * Sword fighting using gestures (similar to Fruit Ninja! Who doesn’t like[...]

‘iTapPirate’ Is A Getting Huge Update!

iTapPirate, the recently released first-person shoot-where-you-tap game developed by Inter-Illusions, is getting a huge update! Despite landing on the App Store just a few days ago, the developers have been busy during the time waiting for approval.[...]

‘iTapPirate’ Review

Last week I was excited to announce the release date of iTapPirate and even more anxious to get my hands on it. So how does the game stack up? Like many pirates, it hobbles on[...]

‘iTap Pirates’ Ships August 31st!

Get it?! Ships? Pirates? I’m so clever sometimes. Get your sea legs ready as developer Inter Illusions has recently announced that iTapPirate has been approved and will be hitting the App Store August 31st. Inter Illusions[...]

‘iTapPirate’ Sets Sails For iOS

The worst part about having to write about iTapPirate is that it means I have to use every ounce of willpower I can summon in order to resist flooding the page with cheesy pirate puns.[...]