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Armello Brings Tabletop Gaming to Life

League of Geeks, an Australian based group have created a digital tabletop gaming experience called Armello. Currently they are running a Kickstarter campaign to get that final funding push that will bring the game to[...]

Table Top Racing to Launch on PS Vita This Spring

This spring, Playrise Digital have teamed up with the indie publisher Ripstone and announced that their award-winning mobile game Table Top Racing will be coming to PlayStation Vita. This mobile racing game comes to us[...]

Escape Dangerous Obstacles with FreeDum

Just released on iOS and Android devices on April 10, 2014, FreeDum is the ultimate in cute, escape platform gaming from BulkyPix Publishers and Pedro Studios. It is a puzzle game set in a childlike[...]

UFHO2 Invades Desktops and iPads

After a successful Kickstarter campaign back in early 2012, UFHO2 recently launched on Desura, the Humble Store, and the Apple App Store for mobile devices. It’s a turn-based, competitive strategy board game with brand new[...]

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf: Forest Hunt

Joe Dever, the man behind the old Lone Wolf gamebooks, teamed up with developers Forge Reply to make Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf for Android and iOS devices. The second Act, Forest Hunt, has just been released, so[...]

DROBOP Drops Onto iOS and Android

DROBOP is the first game released by Ninjastone for both Android and iOS.  The game is an endless runner controlled by tilting the phone to move and occasionally tapping to avoid the obstacles.  The player[...]

IGM Forum Finds: TapSpace

TapSpace is a free game for Android where you must control a spaceship and avoid the falling asteroids. By tapping space, as the game’s title so cutely reminds players, you can reach undiscovered areas and[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Plunder Peril for Android

From ForTheLoss, creator of browser flash games, comes  an endless/auto-runner that’s sure to be infuriatingly addictive for Android users. Plunder Peril is very simple: You run, you collect coins, and you avoid obstacles. Pits, lava[...]

IGM Forum Finds: Planet Zoom 3D Beta for Android

Looky Games, creator of the game Planet Zoom for iPad, is currently working on Planet Zoom 3D for Android devices and browsers. A fun Steampunk-inspired platformer, Planet Zoom 3D is the story of a man on a mission[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Blockadillo

If you grew up in the 1990s with fond memories of Brickle, one of the few games many kids were allowed to play during free time, you may feel a surge of nostalgia for Blockadillo, an Android[...]