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Super Pixalo Takes Players through Pop Culture History

Super Pixalo is a stand-out new addition to the colorful array of 2D platformers available today. Starring the titular character Pixalo, “the Freddie Mercury of pixels,” the game will feature 124 levels of platforming goodness,[...]

IGM Forum Finds – Elysian Shadows

Elysian Shadows is a classic RPG that blurs the line between 2D and 3D games. The game is primarily 2D, with an isometric camera angle — think old Final Fantasy games or Chrono Trigger — and[...]

Dynabot — Endless Platforming

The recent rash of mobile games that focus primarily on running until you die is a trend that has gotten popular for many of the same reasons that Flappy Bird became such an overnight success: They’re difficult,[...]

Graywalker: Purgatory – RPG Heaven, and Hell, on Earth

Dreamlord Digital’s Graywalker: Purgatory came to my attention when the developers sent me a tweet, saying that their game was a strategic RPG “mixing zombies with angels and lots more horror”. Honestly, that was all I needed to[...]

Nub navigates its way onto Ouya

Ouya gamers looking for a new distraction will rejoice at the release of Nub, a retro-style maze game from Inferna Games. Nub, the hero, is a one-eyed alien who has been taken prisoner by a[...]

Ice Escape – Free, Frozen Dinosaur Puzzler

Ice Escape: Steakosaurus Rescue, the puzzle game for iOS, Android, PC and Ouya showed up in my inbox after Vinny Parisi, the mastermind behind IGM’s newest Gameplay section for indie streamers, forwarded it over with one[...]

‘Duplicity’ Evolves The Puzzle Genre On Ouya

Here’s something kinda cool for you Tetris fans out there. Salvatore Gionfriddo has come up with a neat little twist on the typical block falling puzzle game with his latest project Duplicity. Born during the recent Ouya[...]