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Indie Intros: ‘Letter Stack’

As an Australian myself, I simply can’t turn down the chance to write about an Australian-based indie games company. Fortunately, my job is made a whole lot easier when the game that’s being made is[...]

Indie Intros: ‘Charlie Hop’

A mighty mustache is something that all of the manliest men dream of. Everyone knows that a mustache is the mark of a true gentlemen, so it’s no surprise that Charlie Hop is a game devoted entirely[...]

Indie Intros: ‘Tilt And Swipe’

Tilt and Swipe, the first release from Canberra-based indie studio Charlie Dog Games is a puzzle game about exactly what it sounds like: tilting and swiping. Or is it?   In Tilt and Swipe you simply twist and turn[...]

Save The Day In ‘Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians’

With so many similar sports simulators, physics puzzlers and adventure games being released for mobile recently,  it’s rather unusual for a game to be released that doesn’t fit cleanly into the typical range of genres. Yam[...]

Serve Up For Payback With ‘Tennis In The Face’

Despite what you might suspect from the rather blunt title, 10Tons’ Tennis in the Face is not actually a tennis simulator. Instead, you’re put in the boots of professional tennis player Pete Pagassi as he fights against the[...]