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Super Pixalo Takes Players through Pop Culture History

Super Pixalo is a stand-out new addition to the colorful array of 2D platformers available today. Starring the titular character Pixalo, “the Freddie Mercury of pixels,” the game will feature 124 levels of platforming goodness,[...]

Physics-based Boss-fighter David Coming to iOS

“David is a game. A game about physics and enemies. A game about struggles and life. A game about David.” David is a chosen hero; a tiny little square gifted a magic slingshot by a greater power.[...]

‘Mikey Hooks’ Review – Get Hooked!

From BeaverTap Games, the creator of Mikey Shorts, comes the latest coin-collecting, face-disguising, hook-throwing bonanza – Mikey Hooks. At the risk of sounding cliché, I’m gonna say that this one had me hooked! Mikey Hooks[...]

Here’s A New ‘The Other Brothers’ Trailer

One of our most anticipated games of 2013 is The Other Brothers, who’s journey has been long and difficult at times but will soon be more than rewarding for those who have been following its progress.[...]

Light Up Your Day With ‘Penumbear’

While it’s not particularly uncommon to take the role of an animal in a video game, it is rather unusual for that animal to be a bear. Yet, in Penumbear, the new light-oriented puzzle-platformer by Taco Graveyard, that’s[...]

‘Major Magnet’ Coming Soon To iOS

When you first watch the trailer for Major Magnet, you might be forgiven for mistaking it for another rather similar game starring a blue, wisecracking hedgehog and his twin-tailed fox buddy with the world’s punniest name. That’s[...]

‘Lab Bunnies’ Review – Hopping Mad

Angry Birds will be remembered as a game that frustrates by making certain solutions seem so easy, yet solving them can be anything but. The Skejo Studios title Lab Bunnies is a puzzle game that follows[...]

‘Sleepwalker’s Journey’ Review – Live Your Dreams

From 11-Bit Studios, the brilliant minds that brought us Funky Smugglers and Anomaly: Warzone Earth, comes Sleepwalker’s Journey, a brand new side-scrolling puzzle game for Android and iOS. In Sleepwalker’s Journey you meet Moonboy, a sleepy little boy who[...]